Advokatska kancelarija Vučković


Law Office Vučković was established in 1993 in Novi Sad by attorney-at-law Žarko Vučković.

Members of Law Office Vučković are members of the Bar Association of Serbia , as well as members of the European Association of Lawyers (AEA), Insurance Law Association of Serbia , Association for Insurance Practice Support. We provide services of representation and legal consulting in the field of compensation for damages from contractual and extra-contractual liability, insurance and reinsurance, with foreign and local elements.

Our office has very good cooperation with more than twenty biggest insurance companies from Serbia (DDOR NOVI SAD A.D.O., DUNAV OSIGURANJE A.D.O., UDRUŽENJE OSIGURAVAČA SRBIJE, WIENER STADTISCHE A.D.O., etc.) as well as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries.

Law Office Vučković provides services of representation and legal consultancy in the field of property, debenture, commercial and taxation legislation, as well as foreign investment legislation and intellectual property legislation.

Today, Law Office Vučković consists of four partner attorneys-at-law and associate members, with working partners and assistants, wich provide services in English and German. The seat of the office is in Novi Sad.

Law Vucković 2006.